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Due to the super helpful guidance and wiring diagrams from several of you on this forum, I successfully installed the Kadee remote uncoupler to the Massoth XLS Sound Decoder using a five volt regulator I ordered........works great! Thanks mucho to those that provided their technical expertise to me! As the saying goes, "I couldn't have done it without you! I still need to play around with some of the Massoth decoder's A7 CV servo settings to get the best open and close positions for the coupler.

Now the challenge is physically installing the Kadee coupler onto the coupler bar on the LGB Uintah, and then one on five pieces of Uintah Railways road name rolling stock: two box cars, two flat cars, and a caboose. Has anyone installed these Kadee G scale self-contained servo unit couplers into an LGB Uintah or Sumpter Valley loco? What about LGB rolling stock? This Kadee on the Uintah and the rolling stock will sit a lower than most Kadee's I've seen on their Website videos but only a tad lower than the original LGB coupler. On the Kadee Website there's a video of one being installed on a USA box car which is fastened to the car's platform, and the existing uncoupler bar is not used......cut off. I don't think that's going to work on the LGB rolling stock I have, certainly not for the flat cars.

I'll be installing one Kadee 11220 coupler on each of these cars at one end and a manual Kadee coupler on the other end. I'll be using LGB Ball Bearing Wheels to power a Massoth 8FS Servodecoder I'll install in each car to power the Kadee unit, and also for the caboose, to power the lights and a smoke unit. This Massoth Servodecoder's instructions states that most of the connections provide 5 volts, so I shouldn't need to use a separate 5 volt regulator like I did in the Uintah loco.

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Greg Elmassian

Greg Elmassian

8 Mar 2014
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You know there is also a version that does not have the servo in the gearbox, it comes with a remote mount and some linkages. Usually a nice option in rolling stock, like a box car, clearly can't do it on a flat.

Do everything you can to mount the coupler at the right height, get the Kadee gauge..