I think I have been defrauded by an Austrian eBay seller - any members in Austria with advice?


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27 Oct 2009
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Some time ago I bought through a US based Ebay seller (not the good Mr Kramer) an AMS D&RGW "Flying" Rio Grande logo box car, as pictured and stated in the blurb. What arrived was a "Royal Gorge herald" version. Oh, and it was a bit scuffed up as he had omitted the poly' plastic liner that stops the paint rubbing against the styrofoam packaging.

I contacted the seller to complain, as I only had locos and cars with the said "Flying" logo and didn't want an "odd" one (I can be funny like that). He pointed out that, "Sure you can return it for exchange, at your cost". Strictly internal monologue - OK, I know the rules smart a##s. I pointed out the flaw in his proposal, i.e. the exorbitant cost of return postage from the UK to the US + new postal cost on the replacement. So he says, "Sell it and I'll sell you the correct one". Hmm, risk of a loss there + the post again. So I suggest - OK, I sell it (and provide proof of sale receipts), you knock off the postage and any possible loss I make from the cost of the replacement, how about that ? - Only fair that he bare a bit of the pain for his mistake, how else is he going to learn ? His response was, " I am now going to report you for attempted blackmail and get you de-listed from Ebay".

I have now come to accept, after watching endless in period Otto Perry and Emery Gulash shot productions, that you can indeed mix "Flying" and "Royal Gorge herald" logo'ed stock without fear of breaching the "prototypical" imperative of my fictional line. Heck, I even bought a live steam "Royal Gorge herald" K-28 to match the box car, and a caboose and a............ (OK, now I'm just showing off). The perils, and dubious subsequent benefits, of Ebay trading. Max
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20 Sep 2011
Croydon, Surrey
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Ebay and even Gumtree highly recommend against sending money or using bank transfer as there is no cover at all.

Whenever I have wanted to buy something from a European seller, that was a bit pricey and the seller did not take Paypal. I asked for his phone numbers (mobile, home and work) as well as the address of his place of work and home etc.
I then found out the Company number through an online search and checked that it matched the one that he gave me.
I then phoned the company and asked if the person worked there and then asked if I could be put through to him.
I also checked the residential number and address against the German database.

If the receptionist had said that she would have to contact him later as he was in a meeting etc...I would have given her a message that the guy would have to repeat to me when he did contact me.
If you send 'real' money which a bank transfer payment most definitely is, then unfortunately you have to be as careful as a very careful thing.
The person at the other end will understand this...unless they are probably up to no good.

All the info checked out.


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17 Nov 2009
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Well I was going to suggest sending the Austrian police again, but something made me think again:

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17 Mar 2012
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I purchased a small fan heater from a UK seller. They sent the wrong one. When contacted they said open up a returns with ebay. I did, then ebay advised that seller could not print label so I would have to send it back myself. Their caveat was that seller was responsible for return postage.

Sent it back as "signed for". On receipt the seller refunded cost and original postage (rather than send correct item) but not the return postage.

He refuses to answer messages (all carried out through ebay). Two online contacts with ebay offered commiseration and nothing else. I followed ebays directive, seller gets away with it and I'm left out of pocket. I suggested to the sub-continent inhabitant/s that there was a full record of all messages but no!

I have never had trouble with getting full assistance as advertised by ebay , they have so far this year recovered over £150 on my behalf , from these new kids on the block who advertise stuff they don't have , keep the dosh in the bank earning interest for a few months and then calmly pay up with no apologies and no explanation . I have informed the appropriate embassy of these tricks which , given the world wide appeal of their wares , must net someone a lot of money for just sitting at a computer .
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