High Railway Line using Pallets and planting vids



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25 Oct 2009
St.Neots Cambridgeshire UK
I have recently been looking at Vertical Walls and their planting seeing these as a potential for hiding some of my line that is raised on Sticks. Not done anything as yet but lots of great ideas on how to use Pallets in the Garden in these vids. Then the penny dropped what a cheep way to do a Vertical Garden Railway. In my experience Pallet Wood appears to have a pretty long life and with the right preparation should give long years of service.

The first Vid is a Planter using 5 Pallets, by making one of these one would have a ready to go bit of Scenery at a decent height. Not sure what the guy has used inside on here but varying sorts of Barrier available in UK would work fine. Lots of Earth perhaps required but all sorts of Building Rubbish could be shoved in the bottom of the Pallet and perhaps the last few inches only be soil with some Barrier below to stop it getting lost.

This Vid shows a couple of projects that are using the Pallet to make vertical Gardens, these could be utilised in Front of your Railway on Sticks or perhaps a mix and match of the two concepts.

If you feel that the full width square Pallet Garden is too wide there is no reason that you could not cut it down to have perhaps half the width getting a longer run out of less Pallets.

Finally if this takes off I see Pallets being an endangered species for seeing them dumped everywhere.
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13 Jan 2012
Great idea! I can imagine this is a very interesting option for raised railways. You can build a little piece of landscape in it.

I guess you don't have to fill it up completely. That would become a rather deep flowerbox... If you just want to use plants that have small roots, like ground covers or small buxus / conifer (keep them in scale) a 1 meter deep flower box is overdone...
Perhaps you can construct an about 25 - 50 cm deep plywood box (depending on what plants you want to use) that fits in on top. Cover the box with the same material (or similar like) that is used in the video. Make some overflow / drainage possible otherwise it will become a mud-pool during rain.
So actually the pallets at the sides are the raisers for the flower box.
The pallets-raisers themself can be prepared as in second video, to cover it with plants

Come to think of it... because the space underneath the box is open you can perhaps use it for storage of model buildings or landscape details during bad weather or something. Just make a 'door' in one of the pallets for access.