Great Northern 4-8-4

Gavin Sowry

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27 Oct 2009
Hutt Valley, NZ
the xmas lights being non standard methinks....;)
August 2010, not Christmas time. We'd broken our journey on the Empire Builder, as SWMBO can normally do only one night at a time on trains. Why Havre? Well, I sort of look at the schedule and see where the train will be mid afternoon, and if the station is attended, and handles baggage, then I figure it will be something a little more than some hick town. Try that idea sometime, you do get to see 'real' places.
Savoured the delights of Glenwood Springs in the Rockies that way, instead of doing a stop in Denver off the Westbound California Zephyr..... naught worse than arriving somewhere at breakfast time, then having to worry about hotels that won't do early check in, and that sort of stuff. (We always 'do' Denver Eastbound off that train, evening arrival, and onward departure some days later after the mandatory visit to Caboose Hobbies). Mind you, these days with all the ills of the world, we just may have to settle for the memories.
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tac foley

11 Apr 2017
Near Huntingdon, UK
I think that the likelihood of Aster/Accucraft EVER producing the GN S2 is a resounding no.

As you live in the same state as we do - at least for part of the year in normal circumstances - you would be better advised to contact Accucraft/Aster in Union City CA. I'm happy to bet that the answer is the same as mine.

If you are not in the G1MRA then I suggest that you join with us. The US group is headed up by Ernie Noah. Given the huge distances between members over where you are, it seems a good idea to keep in touch with other gauge-1'ers by joining the association. That way you can share the huge meets held at Staver locomotive in Portland in normal times. Google Staver locomotive to see what goes on there.

Here's a warmer into the bank for ya.....