Generic Sound Revolution Rx With Reed Switches


24 Apr 2020
I have added a reed switch to a Bachmann 10-wheeler using the TE Revolution receiver board (generic steam sound - 57002S). On my test bed, it works fine with the reed switch unattached. The receiver boards are in the tender. When I attach the reed switch to the bottom of the tender. I lose linkage from my transmitter. It will no longer link. When I remove the reed switch, I still cannot link (the red light on the receiver board does not flash at all). I verified I have power (about 20 VDC) from the track to the board. Everything was working just fine before I tried to add the reed switch.
Anty ideas? Could I have burned out the receiver board? Anyone else add reed switches to the Revolution generic sound receiver boards? Any debugging tips I can try?
Thanks for any help on this.
Keith Johnson