G scale Bachmann 3 truck shay



24 Apr 2018
Nice tip on the fan, do you have a picture how you placed it and ducted it?
I used a micro sized fan that I ordered by my local computer shop, specs are: 17 x 17 x 8 mm, 1.5m³/h, 0.8W, 5 V
I connected it to the U+ and a function output of the ESU decoder. Then I programmed that output as 'Seuthe smoke unit' and added a resistor in series of about 70 ohm. This way the fan turns slow when standing still and goes faster when the train starts to roll. It's also possible to program it as smoke trigger so that it blows on every trigger of the cylinders.

I simply glued the fan on the Bachmann smoke unit. Under an angle so that the air flow pushes the smoke into to smoke stack. I placed the smoke unit and fan as one piece back in the boiler. I don't have pictures of that unfortunately.

I hope this can help you.