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tac foley

11 Apr 2017
Near Huntingdon, UK
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Message from a modeller friend about stolen goods in the Gloucestershire area

Stolen from the home of a customer of ‘Antics Model Shop’ -

Items are all brass . Bachmann brass works. Sancheng China.
Gauge 1: 1:32 Class J94 Dark Green.
Gauge 1: 57xx 5175 GWR Green.
Gauge 1: Saddle tank BRITISH COAL BOARD Brown / Maroon.
Gauge O: 1:43.5 Class 4 MT .
Gauge O : 2-6-0 the Crab. Dark red .
Gauge O: Flying Scotsman 4472 LNER Brunswick . In service A3, version with shields.
Gauge O: Flying Scotsman ( Museum version ) Doncaster without shields
Gauge O: 1:43.5 Class 2mt.
Gauge O: Castle GWR “Tower brass”.
Gauge O: King “Edward “ Blue “Tower brass”.
Gauge O: The Hall .
Gauge 1: Brake van “ Toad”
Gauge 1: G W wagon Grey

Any information to PC 1146 Hunter - Gloucestershire police.


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27 Oct 2011
Adelaide, South Australia
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Some low life has made quite a haul. I wonder if he realises what he’s got?