Fosworks, Mylocosound

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The Shed

The Shed

Very little usage, mainly testing only, surplus to requirements and offered as a complete lot.

Asking price includes Hermes delivery option to a UK postal address only.

1 x SND-700
Mylocosound Universal Steam Sound card 6-24v. Six auxiliary sounds - Whistle, Bell, Guards Whistle, Safety Valve release, Westinghouse pump and injector.

1 x SND-701
Mylocosound Universal Diesel Sound card 6-24v. Five auxiliary sounds - Horn 1, Horn 2, Guards Whistle, Brake release, Engine stop/start.

1 x SND-710
Remote control for above USCs to set up and also activate sounds

2 x SND-575
Speaker, the best - German Visaton 50mm Dia 17mm deep 3W.

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25 Oct 2009
South Australia
Whoever bought this needs to put a soundbox on the back of those speakers. It will improve the sound quality and volume a great deal. The plastic tops of spray paint cans will do the job.

Peter Lucas
Sold for 75.00 GBP