fitting an ESU sound decoder in a Bachmann 2-8-0

granddad gnome

granddad gnome

Hi all. I am having difficulty taking my 2-8-0 apart to get into the wiring, let alone understanding the instruction book. I feel that once I can get in I will be able to understand the instruction much easier. any help would be much appreciated .:thinking:


24 Oct 2009
When I fitted a decoder to mine (not a sound decoder, but pretty sure it was an ESU LokPilot), it was just a case of accessing the existing circuit board and wiring through the front of the smokebox, unscrewing a few connections and connecting to the decoder instead.

I seem to remember looking at the following notes during the install, though I don't recall having any of the mentioned problems with short wires < Link To Connie decoder install notes @ Wiring For DCC
granddad gnome

granddad gnome

Thanks for this information. It has been of great help and takes away some of
the fog I have been experiencing in and around my brain cells over the last
week Many thanks for your help, I will let you know how I get on, (unless of
course I blow the thing up


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9 Dec 2009
southern Germany
i also had the wish to have a wiring diagramm for turning the connie RC-ed.
But when i saw the wires and how they break just by moving then two times , i decided to take apart everything and replace ALL wires to highquality-products.
Therefore i choose not even the "conrad-electronic"-quaility. They have modelers-wires that are as bad as the ones in the bachmann-models.

Was definityly worth the work.