Enlarging building surface....Can someone recommend somethings????

justme igor

17 Apr 2020
Netherlands Westwoud
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Hi to all on this first lovely spring evening.
Several years ago i bought a Ender 5 plus.
The building surface is 35 by 35 cm, and 40 deep.
My problem? is it is to small.
I would like to enlarge it to 70cm by 35cm or if it is possible 105cm by 35cm
All the printers that you can buy are stopping with a building surface of 50 by 50 cm prices up to 2500 or even 20,000 euro.....good morning.

I could not find anyone on youtube that enlarged his printer surface(Ender 5 plus that is), except building from scratch insane hughs printers (120x120cm minimum), or modifying very small printers...

Anybody have some thoughts, hints, experience, sites, what ever??? would be very welcome.
The frame and mechanical part seems not to be a problem, but THE but....
In the slicer (Creality slicer)it is also very easy to adjust. No problem here?!?!?!??????
Thanks in advance for your thoughts and everything else.
With best regards Igor


19 Sep 2016
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I just went with a an enclosed printer and put joins in things, Its a pain as you have to design everything to suit the max the printer can do but it saved a lot of money, as you say once you go over 400 x 400 x 400 they want an arm and a leg for the dam things .