Emotion S set up help please.


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Now that I seem to be able to see this thread and forum section....

I have just taken an eMotion L decoder and connected them to my test rig. The decoder is set to use the Massoth protocol on the susi bus (CV49 bit 4 off).
I connected an S module to the L via a SUSI cable. It plays standing steam sounds.

I updated the CV49 bit 4 to on in the L decoder (enable SUSI protocol) and there is no sound played until I trigger the S module to switch on the amplifier (using button F6). It now produces sounds as expected.

One thing I did notice that it seems that the default when powered up is for the sound to be switched off.

I have suggested to Rich that he resets both decoders to factory defaults and tries again just setting Bit 4 of CV49 in the L decoder only.


25 Apr 2010
After speaking to Mark on the phone he suggested to reset the decoders to factory and its now working.
  • Resting the L to factory and the s to factory by CV7 to 55,66,77
  • I then read CV49 on the of a value of 2 on the L
  • I then added 16 so 2+16=18 to that value to enable the SUSI BUS
  • To get the sound to work I then had to enable F6
Here is a video of it in action on the rollers. link

thanks for all the help all. Learnt alot about CV's from this.