Demand for 3d Printed figures

Paul M

25 Oct 2016
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Clue is in the business name :D I think I have seen them at the 16 mm NGM show and at the Warley show the past 2 years. Punting themselves all over the model rail world - But then wouldn't you if you could offer your USP across all the scales. Then again they may not be the only company at it. I alluded to this in my original post. Bit like have a personalised number plate on your car ;) Max
Yes they were at the 16mm show, and I think I've seen them or someone similar at Stevenage. They resulting figures are pretty lifelike and if you know the modeller, they are quite accurate in 16mm or larger, but down to 4mm I can't imagine the features being big enough for good recognition, but that may be just my opinion