12 May 2015
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This is another Bachmann Annie based build
It’s based on the Great Eastern Railways 1902 loco built to show that a steam loco could match the performance of electric trains of that time
It’s purpose was for one faction of the companies board to be silenced on their wish to electrify the GERs suburban lines
Clearly this happened 50/60 years later under British Railways
Anyway the loco achieved its purpose on a test/demonstration run and was quietly put aside and a few years later parts of it were used in a 0-8-0 goods tender loco
My model is built mainly from styrene with a few castings from GRS;Williams and Walsall models
The chassis is an extended Bachmann Annie one
The second third and fifth axles are flangeless or blind.
Indeed the fifth axle uses a wheel set from an Emily tender. It has a little free float as it’s attached only loosely to the coupling rods.
These were made from two sets of Annie ones that are half housed together on the centre axle pin.
The pictures below hopefully illustrate its build procss.
I’ve got some works:number plates on order from Peter Woods to finish it . FA04EB5B-7621-4426-BC33-044AD29ED564.jpeg 161E3911-436A-44BF-837B-2AD922977049.jpeg 36A7BB78-4278-4CB7-A4AA-FA73E8F1F397.jpeg DAF0A0A0-01D9-4E1D-86B3-43FCD27CF2D9.jpeg
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