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27 Oct 2009
Bucks/Oxon/Northants area
User friendly pah user antagonistic is the realistic term. Have to say that 26 sound functions takes things way too far.I have long felt that 3-4 is more the enough to be fiddling when driving a train. Whistle, Short Whistle, Bell and blow off. Most of the others are just gimmicky in my view.

I might have to agree with you there Jon. From memory - Light engine chuff, med load chuff, heavy load chuff, brake squeal, coupling clank, wheel squeal on tight curve, rough shunt clanking, whistle 1,2,3 & 4 toot, "grade crossing" type toot, various inertia settings, blow down, 2 blower settings, Westinghouse pump., guards whistle. I'll have to go and check the manual for the rest,

Just a little aside - On a visit to the Leighton Buzzard railway I got chatting to a fireman doing a turn on their Baldwin that was running the day of my visit. Turns out that not only was their loco the one used to provide the sound clips for the sound chip but he was the person doing the firing the day they were recording. I might have mentioned that in an earlier post but it does add an extra dimension to that little loco. Max

A video of the little critter,, not my own one, is in post #29 in this thread.
Greg Elmassian

Greg Elmassian

8 Mar 2014
San Diego
That is why the best sound cards use BEMF to determine actual load on the loco and adjust the chuff volume and attack automatically, manually changing the chuff seems silly and way too much work.

A good sound card emulates a real loco without more work than using throttle and brakes and direction.