Butane/Isobutane ?



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27 Oct 2009
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So, I pop into my local Halfords for some rattle can paint and spot this -


But I am confused - it says Butane (solo) but also includes a further description, on the side oriented vertically on the canister, "Isobutane mix". Safe to use ? I get the bit about butane/propane mixes and the higher tempratures produced and the risks. I did a quick Google search and came with this usefull dissemination on the subject -

I mention it as it seems a good price at £6 for 4 x 220 g cans. So, any probable risks ? Halfords also have other gas cartridge products under the "Campingaz" brand but those are clearly labled as "Butane/Propane mixes. Max


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5 Jun 2013
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Isobutane, is an isomer** of n-butane: Still 'butane', but the molecule is arranged differently.

For all intents and purposes, for our use treat it as n-butane (n-butane, or butane, is normally a by-product of natural gas). Isobutane will burn a little hotter, and perform a little better at low temperatures.
Oh, and when you vent it, it is slightly less problematic for global warming.

**An Isomer is a 'different arrangement' of the atoms in a molecule of a substance. In the case of Butane, this is C4H10
Both Butane, and Isobutane have 4 Carbon atoms, and 10 Hydrogen atoms.. It is just how they are arranged in (the very small) space they occupy.
Isomers can have varying properties of the same substance:
One might be thixotropic, to the other runny.
One might burn with a different colour flame.

That sort of thing.. :nerd::nerd::)