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....I’m trying to do the trick using a a barrel lock. trouble is I can’t find any here in the USA smaller than 2” (tried local hardware store, ACE, that normally has everything, the big box stores Lowe’s and Home Depot and the internet of course. Does anyone have any ideas where i could source them Stateside?

I’d quite like to get switch/point levers commercially too. I don’t need electric and I don’t like either the LGB or TrainLine manual ones. The Heyn ones look good but by the time I ship a few over to the US, the price seems to climb. I’d like something that looks like a 1:1 point lever but in 16mm/Ft scale. I want a positive throw, not sprung, and something that will stand up to being outside in the heat, humidity and daily irrigation. Again any ideas? I can’t find anything hence trying to build my own.

Rik (Ge_Rik) I’ve been trying to copy your design, but I’m being a bit cack-handed!


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24 Oct 2009
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I rely on the spring in the manual switch with my fishing line remote!


3 May 2012
Just discovered this thread. I spent a long time reading through Gormo's posts on RM web: Manual Point Control its all 00 gauge, but he put in a huge amount of development work. I copied his design for a lever frame made from angle, studding and nyloc nuts, with 1.6mm welding rod and brass tube 'guides' in various places. The longest run is probably 12 - 15 feet. I haven't needed omega loops -bell cranks and the metal parts from electrical 'chocolate block' connectors allow enough play/adjustment. I used a couple of lawnmower throttle cables -rigid wire in a plastic covered bike-style tube, and they come with a lever- but they don't go round corners too well. The welding rod rusts eventually, but is dirt cheap and it is easy to replace a length: undo the screws and slot a new piece in.