Bachmann Optical Chuff sensor with Massoth decoder

Neil Robinson

24 Oct 2009
N W Leicestershire
Has anyone any experience (or internet links) to using this combination?
Specifically I'm going to fit a Massoth XLS in a Bachmann 2-6-6-2 Mallett tank loco.
Presumably the Massoth chuff connects to terminal J2-2 on Bachmann's board but how should the sensor be powered?
Previously I've fitted Phoenix sound units and their documentation describes using the 5V supply from their board to power the 5V "Batt 2" terminals on the Bachmann board.


G Scale, 7/8th's, Electronics
5 Jun 2013
Tamworth, Staffs.
That would be how I would read it Neil..

Not done it, but was searching for something similar a while back. - I will see if I made any notes.