Bachmann Gandy Dancer.



25 Oct 2009
Pennsylvania, USA
Very intersting. George Schreyer's piece on this item, that is. It seems that the motor type was changed from the model I had years ago. George mentions a can motor that can be seen in one of his photos. The model I had was equpped with an open frame motor that sat vertically over one of the axels. The earlier model also was equipped with the electrical connection between the trailer and the pump car, through a unique connection detail.

Rob s

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24 Oct 2009
West Midlands
Can be got for not a lot more than the e-bay one shown above
will prob end up at and comes with a gaurantee.

Thanks everyone. Plenty of ideas there. Family still seem to want one, so thanks Rob, I have ordered the Back2bay6 one, and, as you say, will have a guarantee.
Fairlie - looks like you might have got a bit of bargain

Seems I was wrong about it being a bit more than
the one on e-bay :D
Real Sorry about that 'Honest' :rofl: :rofl:
Mind you it might have been a sought after colour :rofl:

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27 Aug 2010
Whilst rummaging in the loft for something else, I found my long forgotten one, bought (well ) used probably before 1998. It did run then , but not well.

Today upon inspection, it doesn't run. The motor whirrs, but that's it.
Upon opening it up, the motor drives a pulley via a small rubber ring, which has become quite hard. Assuming that the pulley and worm gear turned under load, there is then a gear train to both axles, but the gears on both of these are split.

I've been browsing, and find that spares are not available

My unit is missing quite a lot of the does have a home made drawbar to the trailer incorporating power feeds.

So..probably a static display item.


PS A stock image grabbed from the web..



1 Mar 2016
This thread reminded me of my Gandy Dancer that failed some years ago and was put to rest in the great loft in the sky. I recovered it out of curiosity and decided that it may be worth reviving.
It is a similar (older) version with the small drive band. I ordered a standard nitrile 'O' ring just as an exercise to see if it would work. The motor has to be stripped down to fit the 'O' ring, beware of the brushes and their springs! I had to carry out a forensic search of my shed!
Amazingly, it did run fine on my short test track with 24vdc. Haven't run it on my railway as I only have DCC. Now I'm tempted to fit a decoder to try it properly !