Bachmann #22 South Pacific Coast



13 Feb 2019
Silver Springs, Nevada

Bachmann South Pacific Coast #22

I just wanted to show you guys a video of my Bachmann #22 South Pacific Coast R.R. 4-6-0 locomotive hauling a mixed string of Bachmann and HLW passenger cars.
The HLW's look small by comparison to the Bachman cars, and locomotive,but I like them better than the B.Mann's . They kind of remind me of the cars from the tv series "Petticoat Junction". And those were hauled by Sierra #3,which as you know, is a full size 4-6-0 locomotive in her own right.
I've been meaning to get out to Jamestown to visit Sierra #3 ,and the newly operational #28. I'll post pictures here, and video on youtube when I do.
For now,please enjoy this video of my SPC #22:
You Tube
Have a great one!