Baccmann,Nequida gondola bash,


Model Railroading, boats and oil painting,
6 Jul 2013
Northampton UK
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I had some bits left from other bashes to use up and so I thought might upscale a Bachmann gondola body on a cheap chassis,if it didn`t work the nothing really lost,first job was to cut the body straight down the middle into to halves,styrene sheet then cut and scribe boards added to widen the car and cover the large gap between the halves,new end boards made up for each end to match the inside and outside of the body and then all glued into place,next step was to make up the inner sides with boarding and wood grain,then these added to make the body,the hand/grab rails were removed from the ends and new holes drilled to take them back onto the car and holes all the way through so the bolt moldings would fit exactly where the rails were fitted,some work done on the brakewheel to fit on,end platforms reworked,cut bars added and a coat of paint on the inside,I wanted to keep the outside of the car as was so using the nearest colour to the body just washed over the outside to take the shine off and to just blend the lettering back a little,jobs to finish,couplings and links to the cut bars,don`t plan on weathering although may just dust out the taken before exterior wash applied. IMG_20210604_203625.jpg IMG_20210605_041930.jpg IMG_20210606_010455.jpg IMG_20210606_010522.jpg IMG_20210606_010551.jpg