Analogue on Digital - I know it's been asked before



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I've converted to digital but for Crimble, Santa bought me an analogue loco. It's going to be chipped soon, but in the meantime.....

I know why it's making a noise when I run it as loco '00' but I just want to make sure it's doing itself any damage!

I'm pretty certain it isn't a problem , but would just like confirmation ;-)


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24 Oct 2009
i used to say yes no problem, run it and it will be fine(if its lgb, it WILL BE OK) but..
ran the piko railbuss , it will burn the motor out after 1/2 hour on digical if its not chiped 1st.. dont ask how i know:happy:
but the piko 218 specificallly say to run it before chipping.. so... it really depend on the make..and model


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25 Oct 2009
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From what I have read, no personal experience, a problem can arise if the analog loco is left stationery for any length of time. Apparently the track voltage is switching back and forth between negative & positive which means that the net effect is zero so the loco does not move. However the constant changes of voltage can cause the motor to heat up and buzz. If left like that the heat can be enough to melt the motor windings.

Also it would appear to be deadly to high quality coreless motors. How you know whether you have one I can not tell you.

Having read all this I have never tried it which is why I have no personal experience.


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25 Oct 2009
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hi, we have run Analogue LGB and Bachman locomotives on LGB MTS on the Ruschbahn in the past. None of the locomotives appeared to suffer any damage that we could see then or since. However, my feelings told me that the noise they made was NOT GOOD. So we have never done it since.

Suggest that you chip your new aquisition for long term peace of mind.


Kit bashing, The UK narrow gauge, The GWR, Aviatio
Thanks all,

Yes, no matter how much I tell myself it's OK - the noise just doesn't seem 'right'.

Chip and sound board are on order.......