Accucraft Cab Forward G Scale



28 Jan 2010
The mummification by Accucraft is a good way of doing things. The guy who sent me the Accucraft C&S 2-8-0 thought it was all about the 2 magic pink ribbons! I said also use several padded cable ties, Mummify it with plastic like they come and stuff yellow foam all around so it can't possibly move. Don't rely on any one or even two things to do the job and above all never rely on the useless plastic bag pillows that pop on the sharp corners... :shake:
The ribbons stretched, the cable ties snapped. There was no mummification and he used the plastic bag pillows that pop! :banghead: The few small pieces of foam did nothing.
The whole thing became loose within the box. He was a really nice guy and refunded all my money then claimed insurance which I thought would be rejected because of bad packaging. I intended to pay him something for the basket case loco but then good news, he had insured it for well over the sale price which they honored and I got a basket case loco for the Australian tax fee. It's all repairable but now in pieces down to the bent frames.

I give detailed advice each time on how to pack things properly but all sense is lost with haste at the USPS retail post office with budget packing boxes and materials which end up having precedence over my advice. Go USA! :party:

An Accucraft K27 sent from the States with the loco packed well but the seller took a holiday on the tender and used the damn useless plastic pillows that pop resulting in the piping to bust off. :banghead:

An LGB/Aster TSST mallet sent from the States which was in a wooden box with snug foam as LGB do but it was held in place by the cab with no wadding at the end beams so it shunted back and forth while the cab stayed still. Result, one bent cock-eyed brass cab! :banghead:

An LGB/Aster Garratt was sent by a known collector from the States with only cardboard covering two sides of the presentation box with the bare wood exposed. Luckily there was no damage or scratches but the nice inner foam was all chewed out from it shunting back and forth in the box. :banghead:

A USA trains diesel with Fn3 center cab diesel from the States both with a single layer of bubble wrap and locos placed diagonally across each other within a large box and a scrunched up piece of weed mat? stuffed in there too. Several corners and end beam on locomotives wiped out. :banghead:

An LGB Corpet Louvet without original box placed diagonally in a standard USPS box and some bubble wrap with corners 5mm from the inner cardboard after warning about careful packing. Received with corners pushed in. :banghead:

Several LGB locomotives from the USA which moved a little in the original box because they were not padded at the end beams after I advised to do so. Foam chewed out and couplings broken :banghead:

There is probably more but I'll stop now. :(

Most my UK stuff is smaller locomotives in Accucraft boxes, no problems. Small SH cars in original boxes wrapped in chip brown paper, no problems. :)
From Germany, cheap DHL shipping in big boxes. No problems. :)
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