A roundtoit,repairing the Pay Car.


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6 Jul 2013
Northampton UK
Way back in I think in 2014 I built this from a Bachmann combine kit from Glendale(they were the days)I think I posted it at the time as a test pic when I first started posting pictures,but only the outside,the other day I was going through some "stuff" looking for something and moved the box and it rattled so something had come adrift inside and needed some investigatin`.So needed pulling apart and now sorted as was only a crew figure unglued,while it was apart I took some up to date pics of the build,it`s the only car I have with the railroads full name on the side,as a quick background to the car,full interior one end as the rear section is free for any high value items that need moving as being a regular service between depots,the main cargo door was halved to a single entry and the crew is armed with the warning sign on the side of the car,well the workers need paying!!!!!!!!!!!The first two windows are a vesibule area for the employee to be attended to as there is a partition with a small window into the office section, ;)It normally runs behind a loco and caboose for crew comforts and there is no rear coupling. IMG_20210304_234650.jpg IMG_20210304_234830.jpg IMG_20210305_000841.jpg IMG_20210305_000911.jpg IMG_20210305_000927.jpg IMG_20210305_001300.jpg IMG_20210305_001431.jpg
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7 Apr 2014
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I would love something like this, if I could get a hold of an Accucraft combine for less than an arm and a leg.