A Roundhouse SR&RL joins the battery locos


11 Feb 2011
Hi Darren,

have read your remodeling report of the RH Sandy River here.
You added very nice details.

Can fully confirm Mike's recommendation for the We Bee safety valves. The roundhouse valves do not close properly and a lot of steam is lost. The 40 PSI valve from Wee Bee does what it should, it only opens when there is overpressure.

I bought a used SR 24 some time ago, it was unfortunately totally dirty, old oil was already encrusted. I cleaned the locomotive with solvent for 2 days, lubricated everything again and made it run smoothly. The right cylinder (seen in the direction of travel) was leaking at the rear cylinder cover. I swapped the RH brass slotted screws for steel screws with hexagonal heads. Without dismantling the cylinder, how I managed to do it still amazes me.

The # 24 is my 4th RH locomotive (Katie, Fowler, Billy). Yes, the machines may not be very detailed, but the technology is so simple that it guarantees long, trouble-free operation.

Follow your report with interest, you have built a beautiful new driver's cab.

greetings from Austria

my Sandy River, a few weeks ago, I also added a chuffer with FX control.



The Orchard Line
26 Jan 2020
United Kingdom
Hi Gerald :hi:
It's really great to meet another owner. Thanks so much for the kind words and for backing Mike's input regarding the Wee Bee valve :)
Congratulations too on doing such a fantastic job on your #24! It goes to show how determination and a methodical approach can transform a neglected loco into a one that runs so well. I loved your video. I'm looking forward to getting mine on a track soon

I hope you are keeping safe and well in Austria during the current climate. I've only visited the country once and visited Salzburg in my youth, but long to go back with the family :)