A New one from Germany

Hello all,

So now I've landed here too - with an upcoming garden layout in G scale. Until 3 months ago I knew the LGB company and others, but never intended to get into this hobby. It would have been too expensive and time-consuming for me. But the inheritance of a neighbour has put a kink in my hobby career. This gentleman has collected a large number of G-gauge vehicles (about 30 locomotives, plus wagons and 3 ovals in the garden with various points and many too narrow curves). In addition, all vehicles are digitalised with Massoth.
This is how my railway layout came into being. I will report.

Paul M

25 Oct 2016
Welcome to the forum Andreas. You've certainly got a big enough collection to keep you quiet for a while! Any advice you need will be available on here. Is your line already set up, or has your neighbour's line been lifted?


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Welcome to the forum :)


Phil S
11 Sep 2015
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Hi Andreas - you sure move around a lot. And quickly too! You're Swiss now. Have you got a teleporter?
oh folks......:D:D:D

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