A new figure


13 Jan 2012
Staying in Crete at this moment. During the daytime nap of my youngest daughter I like to sit on the terrace and try to practice some sculpting. I did some in the past and I really enjoyed it. Last year I did 2 figures out of Fimo clay again (also on an abroad stay). All I took with me on the plane was one package of standard Milliput, some toothpicks and some paperclips to use as sculpting tools. Very basic. I used to do the details with Milliput Superfine but now I only have the standard so details are somewhat rougher than I did before. I actually found it harder to do than some years ago as my eyes are not as good as they once were anymore... Started with a 'skeleton' from aluminum foil, covered with a body of Milliput (made the arms and leg a bit too thick...). Than let it dry for the next step; trousers and shoes. Third step, blouse and jacket. Finally hands and head. Not too bad results during nap times I assume ;-) These 'practice' figures will be passengers for my coaches so when detail is not as I hoped it will not be visible directly as they are inside.
Think I leave him bald or perhaps some hair though I will work on his jawlines when I get home (cut some more shape in it).

Well, someone is awake... on to the beach again...

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