3D Printed Pickup Skate Holders


45mm gauge track - approx 16mm scale (1:19)
24 Oct 2009
Hastings, UK
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A long time ago I fitted by Accucraft Baguley Drewry Diesel with pickup skates to improve it’s pickup which was not on a par with LGB chassis.
I purchased LGB skates and springs and made a holder from layered plasticard. That worked well for I guess about eight years, but recently the holders have started breaking apart. So I’ve drawn a new holder in TinkerCAD and had them printed by 3DPrintDirect in what they call Carbon-SLS.
Here are the printed parts.
13FC3B59-4BC3-4105-9FD4-D6ADA72DF940.jpeg 20F5BA1E-68B7-485C-AF86-931B1978BAEC.jpeg
Rather that the piece of metal which typically inserts from the top for pickup, I just solder a wire directly to the top of the spring and it passes through the top of the holder.
The part turned out well. The slot was a bit tight, but fortunately one of my files fitted inside and I was easily able to open it out so the skate slides nicely.
Here are they are glued to the sides of the block.
72E20002-7928-42E1-9A4A-AE8B5EF3C8D5.jpeg 6BD1439C-806F-4BCB-B4B2-57FB0B78EF32.jpeg
And finally the loco back on the rails. So extensive trials will of course be required, but I’m confident the loco will be back to reliable running once again!
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