2073 Cab Top Whistle

Mike Bett

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14 Apr 2010
Fallbrook, California.
I recently broke the cab top whistle on the roof of my venerable old 2073, it had lasted for 50 years!
My son has 3D printed a new one, almost exactly the same, firs perfectly and looks great.

If anyone needs a replacement whistle for a 2073 or similar engine and has access to a 3D printer let me know and I can send you the STL. File to make a new one, gold paint also required!
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16 Apr 2018
Springwood, NSW, Australia
Hi Mike, would you consider adding the .STL file to the group’s ‘Resources’?
It looks like it could be fairly straight forward when you click on the heading at the top of the page [I hope].
Just a thought,
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