Wow 501 decoder Micro SD?


24 Mar 2021
So cal
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Okay so I’m stuck with this TCS wow 501 steam decoder….. I know other manf. Decoders you can change the sound and such. When I asked TCS if it can be done to this one as I need a diesel one they said it’s not very easy……. And never heard back……. So annoyed in the shop the other day I’m looking at this pos and notice it has a micro sd card in it. So I can think of what it probably serves a purpose for (thinking sound or the audio assist) can’t it just be re configured to be a diesel one….

my question is just this, anyone mess with one yet or check out or know what it does and can you change it!? Going to put it in the PC in a little to see what comes up if not password protected. I’ll post a picture as well. Picture here


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