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24 Oct 2009
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I've now just finished a reel of PETG but am not overly impressed. It seems OK for large prints but when it comes small objects or fine detail, I have struggled to get decent results. On the right is the sandbox for my Skylark loco printed with PETG, on the left the same file printed with PLA+

Maybe I've just failed to get the right settings in Cura for PETG, but that's after a reel's worth of tinkering and tweaking.
By contrast, I loaded the printer with PLA+ and used the default settings for it in Cura and the sandbox on the left is the result.

The smokebox door handle in PLA+ (the wheel is 8mm diameter and it took 59 seconds to print). I think PETG would have just given me a blob of plastic.

Having now heard that it will take many years in a landfill site for PLA to degrade, I'm quite happy to return to PLA for my printing. I somehow think anything printed will outlive me. ;}

PS - Anyone want to buy two unused reels of Eryone PETG?
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