New MyLocoSound Soundcard


25 Oct 2009
South Australia
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MyLocoSound has introduced a new petrol railbus soundcard for large scale railways. Like the universal steam, diesel, tram, streetcar and electric soundcards, it is highly adjustable to suit American Galloping Geese plus a wide variety of US, European and other railbuses. It retains the installation simplicity of screw terminals and also the same low price. However the quality and variety of sounds has been achieved by recording and synthesising the prototypes.

There is a choice of six horns, four from Galloping Geese plus a Klaxon and one other. For American vehicles, a bell and the call of "All aboard" is provided. A brake squeal can be selected to sound as the vehicle comes to a halt. A selection of five petrol/gas engine sounds are provided which vary in volume and speed depending on the vehicle motion and the user's settings. Nice clunky gear changes can occur under user control or can be set to occur automatically at selected speeds.

The soundcard is ideal for petrol driven rail buses. The most common example of these are the “Galloping Geese” in America. Large scale models of these are or were made by Accucraft, Bachmann, Aristocraft and Hartland. In the UK there appear to be quite a few of these around plus railbuses made by LGB and kits by IP Engineering.

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Peter Lucas
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