Mixing or Customizing Sound Files in Massoth MST

R. Wolfe

25 Jun 2017
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Has anyone been able to copy a sound (bell) from one loco sound file and paste it to another? Is their a simple way to do this? I was thinking you may have to cut and paste into Autoplicity and then write it back into MST? Is it even possible to just overwrite a single file or do you have to build a complete file set and upload the complete file as a whole? I have no idea but I am ready to start experimenting. Just looking for some tips from someone who maybe has dabbled in this area. Is their anywhere to get custom sound file sets to upload other than what is standard on MST? Is their any other software options to change or upload sound files to Massoth Decoders other than MST? I know how to build them on Autoplicity but thought their may be somewhere to obtain ready to use files. Any help would be appreciated.