LGB 21881 LGB Uintah Railway DCC with sound and smoke conversion


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Hello, I am looking for someone to upgrade my LGB 21881 (Uintah Mallet) to DCC. I want to add sound and upgrade the smoke with synchronized smoke and steam. Firebox light would be a nice addition but not required. Can anyone recommend someone that can do this work for me? I have been researching how to do it myself but I think I am a bit unprepared to take this on myself.

Maybe one for LGB333 of this parish....
Paul at P&S hobbies in York cant recommend him enough, very helpful extremely fair with his pricing not charging you the earth, he's your man
Bit of of distance though as Chiefdawg is in America
No problem. I purchased an ESU Soundlok 5 XL, Soundlok programmer, ESU dual smoke unit, Speaker, and ESU tester. I'm going to see if I can figure it out. I also picked up a used 2-4-0 loco I'm going to test it out on before opening up my Mallet.
I am in San Diego and have done many sound/battery/control installations including at least one on an LGB 21881 (Uintah Mallet). Attached is primer I wrote for anyone interested in DIY installs. Let me know if I can be of help.

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Their are many places that do this work and shipping across the country on a large engine can be expensive. So, where does the original poster live as there may be someone nearby where the engine does not have to be shipped ($$ saved plus no shipping damaged if local).