Kippo Signal Box


Semi-Retired; more time for trains.
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In my engine siding I decided that the points (switches) control would be motorized via a local switch box:


However when permanently fitted this would require additional weatherproofing, in the guise of a building, the Kippo Signal Box fits the bill:

The part as they arrived, quite a lot of flashing:

Kippo Parts_1.jpg

Kippo Parts_2.jpg

Assembly has started, and I will keep you updated:




Semi-Retired; more time for trains.
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More work on the box, and the first deviation from the instructions, as the roof is to be removable to gain easy access inside I add weight, using my usual format, divers ballast held in place by polyurethane resin, the dark "blob" is screw assisting the retention of the chimney:


All further detail added except for down-spouts, these will be added after painting:


Second deviation from the instructions, is support (from plastistrut) to support the steps until in the final position:


With the step temporally in position:


Final scrub down next to ensure all the release agent is removed and off for the first coat of primer :)


Semi-Retired; more time for trains.
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Assemblies cleaned and initial prime applied (to fine defects), what is now noticeable, is that some of the the patterns for the moulds were 3D printed as the primer has shown up the step marks in the castings. As the box would have been wood, this isn't a problem as it looks a lot like grain :)

tac foley

11 Apr 2017
Near Huntingdon, UK
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If it was about four inches lower, I'd be buying one; really looking forward to seeing your progress.


Semi-Retired; more time for trains.
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Quick update, I was going to hand paint the box, but after painting the steps, the finish was poor, the poor is hand painted but the main body is rattle can. So lot of masking tape, and time to see where we are:


Also a quick trial to ensure its main purpose (i.e. protect my shed turnout switches) is still viable.


A little bit of touch-up still required, where I over/under masked, final coat of white gloss to the window frames and glazing to be added, everything is on target.