Broken RhB coach bogie


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Had a bit of an accident with my beloved RhB passenger coach:mad: is there any chance of finding a replacement bogie or am I looking at a repair botch?? (see photo). What kind of glue suits LBG plastic???


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Luran plastic is difficult to glue, but you should still be able to get a spare bogie.

Try P&S Models or Chalk Garden Rail first....
I’ve had quite a bit of success with a splint and plastic melting. Use metal pins about 15mm long 2mm diameter to make a locating position. Then, OUTSIDE and don’t breathe the fumes,, use an old soldering iron to melt the plastic around the joint(S). With some care, a repair done this way can be quite neat and strong.

The splints can either be like large staples fitting into pre drilled holes, or as a straight section fitting into holes drilled in each section.

Practice with some scrap plastic first!

I would be tempted to use a splint as Malcolme suggests (some brass tube or old 00 scale rail would work well) , UV Glue will be your friend here after a little sanding of the plastic to help with more grip,