Bristol Trams


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25 Oct 2009
St.Neots Cambridgeshire UK
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Interesting little vid. Super collection that probably needs to go in a museum in Bristol but probably not arty farty enough for todays Museum type of authorities whos only interest is to run a Theme Park event as they believe people are so dumb as to not be able to appreciate old memorobilia.

Sadly as mentioned in the vid Bristol has had a few attempts to return Trams, sadly being affected by unthinking cancellations to pay for vanity wars and ill thought out Bus projects. Will they ever return, well never say never I think the current Mayor has realised that Trams could in part be the solution to the the problems of movement in and around Bristol. Coupled with the Metro Rail projects there is a way, but will take decades to achieve with current Good Plating of any project, consultant and legal costs make most projects unafordable. Here I could be talking about any major town that has issues, Oxford, Cambridge, Peterborough etc etc etc.