Aristo-Craft Re-Painted Advertising Cars Into D&RGW


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2 May 2021
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Hello Fellow G-Scalers!

Over the years I used to purchase new D&RGW boxcars for $45 new from the shop and even cheaper online. But lately the price for used G scale is making me re-think how I am going to get the trains that I want. In the past few months, I acquired (cheaply) several advertising boxcars that I wanted to re-paint to look like one of the railroads that I model. The D&RGW yellow and orange boxcars are some of my favorites!

I noticed that some of the advertising cars were silver on the bottom. I disassembled the first boxcar and kept the bottom portion silver and repainted the upper sides, ends and top.

HOWEVER.... Some of the paints being used at the factory totally fisheyed when trying to paint over them! Bummer...

My answer was to lightly sand really well, then apply white appliance epoxy as a base coat. Then lightly sand and then apply coats of the colors. Aristo Craft Rio Grande Re Painted.jpg

After I figured out the best order for me to make copies, I started a little assembly line to paint a few. The graphics are files that I took and printed on clear water decal sheets. Later on I will change the numbers on the cars.

This gives my several more "new" D&RGW boxcars inexpensively. Enjoy your trains! AJ the Teacher.
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