Private Sales / Classified Listings

The rules are simple and straight forward. They are in pace to keep things simple and to ensure buyers receive reasonable information regarding things available.

1. This forum gives the facility for members to offer garden railway related items for sale and also the facility for members to accept those offers and for them to communicate with each other. That is the absolute limit of this forums involvement. No liability can be accepted by this Forum, its owners, operators or moderators.
2. The thread title should relate to the item/items being sold ("Items for sale" is not acceptable).
3. The price must be stated. This is not an auction - please don't ask for 'offers'. (Keeps everything simple this way).
4. A picture of the actual article must be displayed. No catalogue or library pictures please. (If you have problems posting a picture contact a moderator). Ensure you have your pictures ready before starting a sales thread.
5. A good description of the item(s) for sale indicating any faults/problems if applicable and general condition.
6. Some indication of the method of delivery should be given. Ideally a price for postal service or 'collect'.
7. Not for trade use. Also, you are limited to 5 items per calendar month unless agreed otherwise with the Mods (like your selling a collection with good reason.)
8. The owners, operators and moderators may amend or delete posts, offers and acceptances at anytime without notice.