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28 Dec 2018
Hello again,

Been a few months since I posted regarding a Steam Railbus that I needed some help with (still need to sort that out, but I haven't had any time. It might have to go on ebay as it is - we'll see).

I briefly mentioned in my first post that I was refurbishing his original engine and having it mounted in a case/urn. As you seem a very friendly community, I thought I might share how it went. It is a shame my dad never ventured online to forums like this - he would have probably loved it.

Here is how it looked originally. Bit of a mess. I hadn't taken an engine apart before, so it was a learning curve. I wanted a sympathetic restoration - so it could still be a little rough, but good enough to display. I decided that any servo/radio gear would go.

I also wanted to remove any gaskets and seals - This little engine wouldn't be going anywhere.

I planned the case to be made out of oak with an glass inlay and hollow center to store the ashes. I got to work drawing my plans. I didn't need to do an accurate drawing of the engine - but any excuse to get my drawing board out :)

On with the big clean.. lots of pictures were taken to remove what nut and bolt went where. After a bit of research and help from trains4u in P'boro I got myself some paint and other bits and bobs.

I got everything very shiny. Took a long long time and a lot of brasso.

I decided that to get the best results with the case that I would work with a local carpenter. My wood skills are good - but I wanted it perfect.. and solid oak isn't cheap to make mistakes on.

I was very pleased, especially with the inner void for the ashes.

Everything started to come together. Fresh black and red paint. Polished brass.

Next up was sorting the track. I dismantled a piece of brass track and manually shined the rails up. I then took some off cuts of oak and sunk the rails in.

All done by hand with a junior hacksaw. Took a while. Each piece of beeswaxed, as was the case.

After a good couple of months, it was finally complete. I had a bit of trouble spraying the main body and cab, but after many light coats with a bit of sanding in between - I got it just right. I had painted the black enamel with no masking, and managed to get a very straight edge.

and on that, she's complete. I don't have a photo, but we added a brass plaque to the case, and also an engine place with my dad's initials on the side the train.

Thanks for reading. Glad I could share this with some enthusiasts.

Rest in peace dad.

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13 Jul 2015
What an excellent tribute to your dad, and a fine piece of workmanship. I'm sure he'd be very pleased.


Phase 1 complete, roll on Phase 2
23 Feb 2018
Really nice, you should be proud.