Reversing loop modules - gory details


12 Nov 2021
Sydney, Australia
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Ah, OK. I thought a 16V motor shield would not be enough for a G-scale programming track.


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27 Oct 2009
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Yep Jimmy Mick, but this is becoming way more complicated than is needed in my opinion. But I see it as an adventure for some.
(Of course your comment is as helpful as a DCC guy commenting negatively on a battery thread, but its a forum. Will you be ok with me in the future coming on a battery thread where there are issues and thumping my chest about not having these issues because i'm DCC? I hope so)
I think it's more a sigh of relief - for those of us simpletons who don't understand some of the complexities, we can let these deep discussions pass over our heads.

Of course, there are times when we try to understand them, but there are some bits where it is just a wee bit too abstruse :whew: :whew: :whew: