relative speeds of my loco fleet; what can I learn from this data?

Greg Elmassian

Greg Elmassian

8 Mar 2014
San Diego
You are learning the same way most people do when starting out, I've been in the hobby a long time and help a lot of first-timers with DCC. Keep on keeping on!

My best advice: The most successful people understand the concept of what they want to do and then get out the manual for specific settings/CV's, etc. Takes a bit more time, but in my experience best results (happiest people).

The other way is try to write down a "recipe" for each action. Often this results in no real understanding of what is happening. I've been told many times "I don't want to understand it, just tell me how to do it".... that person is back to me on the phone time after time, all frustrated when their "recipe" does not work. When something goes wrong, they cannot debug the problem.

Reminds me of a friend that wanted a complete "recipe" for all possible values for CV29.... and was trying to build it himself by asking me for each possible combination over time.

I favor "way 1" above. I will help someone forever if they are pursuing way 1. When way 2 is requested, I tell them I will only help them a limited number of times.

Some get it, some find someone else to help them. Life is short. :)