New Garden Railway - Under Construction



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Day Four - Final Day of Contractor's Work started this morning. I'm having them lower the base by the patio and going down each side to be about 2% slope on the grade. I'll post additional photos at the end of their work today.
DAY FOUR - FINISHED! My landscape/masonry contractor completed their work today, Day 4, in half a day........of course they brought in four folks to do it. See the finished baseline they did for me under my guidance on the design and details. Crushed stone gravel #9 covers all the line. I'll use more to lay the tracks after I glue side pieces on both sides of the blocks to hold in the gravel in place, prevent rain washing it off, etc. See the next to last photo that shows how the gravel will be positioned up to the bridges with an example of the siding pieces I'll glue to the top of the blocks on each side. I found this sample side piece at Home Depot yesterday, it's a plastic type material used for deck siding. The last photo is of the four person crew who completed the work today.......the guy in the red hat is the mason who has a excellent skills and an eye for leveling and placing the blocks.......he did all of the block and cap stones placement and gluing.

Now my work begins to lay track.......luckily a friend of mine has offered to help!



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25 Oct 2016
Looking good!


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Last Friday I worked four hours on laying track on the outer loop mainline including anchoring the four LGB 50610 truss bridges over each of the two open spans. A friend came by and we worked another three hours. Then Saturday and Sunday mornings, I worked another eight hours.......only four sections of six foot AML flex track remaining. So, before the rain hit today, I hooked up one of my DCC systems, the Piko Central Station and used my Massoth Navigator, to test run my LGB Rail Truck with its Soundtraxx Tsunami2 power/sound decoder I installed last year. It ran great.

Last Friday I bought a garden stool, called a GardenKneeler by Yard Butler, for use in installing the track, i.e., measuring, cutting rail, and installing the rail clamps. For a senior citizen with lots of arthitis, this thing is well worth the $50 I paid for it at my local hardware store. It's both a stool and a kneeling super!

Besides the photos, I'll try to post a short video of the Rail Truck operating while pulling a hand has Soundtraxx' "electrical locomotive" sound file, so it makes all kinds of little noises as it runs, and I can ring the bell and blow the horn using my Massoth Navigator wireless controller.

The video file is too large to post on this forum........but you can view it on my YouTube Channel:

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For anyone interested, I replaced the short video of the LGB Rail Truck with Sountraxx Tsunmai2 4400 "electric" sound unit installed with a new 4 minute video on my YouTube Channel. You'll see the Rail Truck taking a spin around the entire new outer loop of my garden railway I installed in early June. I first took my LGB track cleaning locomotive on two trips around the track to clean it off after a day of rain. This loop was powered by my Piko 5 amp DCC Central Station and controlled with a Massoth wireless Navigator but eventually the entire layout will be powered by my Massoth 12 amp DCC system.

Enjoy the rail truck ride!