Loft Railway build.


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13 Apr 2015
North Lincolnshire
Will, if it is warm up there it is likely that there is inadequate insulation between the too of the rooms and the loft so insulating above your head is a good idea. My first Loft Conversion back in the 70’s I insulated with soft rolly stuff of the day. Horrible to do but it was the cheapest option when I was penny poor. That was covered with Hardboard so that it did not constantly keep dropping fibers but also to keep it in place. Not the cheapest of jobs these days and not too easy getting the covering sheets through the hatch. I modified mine to be 2’6” to assist in that regard.

As for your knees, protecting them now will pay dividends in later life. Trust me I used to be on my knees all the time when I was your age and regret it now!
Oh the loft is well insulated I can assure you, its got loads of insulation up there, that much that the floor in the loft has had to be raised about 270mm of the joists. As for knees I'm in joinery trade so you'll usually find that a majority of the time I've got my work trousers (Got built in knee pads) on whenever I'm doing anything that requires much kneeling down!