LGB locomotives for Austrian Narrow Gauge


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13 Jul 2015
Although many German narrow gauge railways run on 750mm gauge track (Saxon, Rugen, etc) and Austrian narrow gauge is mainly 760mm there is a considerable amount of interchange between the two. Some Austrian diesels made it into Germany, notably the 2041 series, but some also went the other way. If you have an Austrian theme layout and fancy a few more locos here are some you could justifiably run. Of course it is always the case of "your railway, your rules"!

HF110C 0-6-0T+T
LGB model numbers 2x26x
This ran on Austrian narrow gauge under number 798-101 on the Bregenzerwaldbahn. It eventually became "Nicki & Frank S" on the Rugensche Kleinbahn in Germany, see full history here:
HF110C - Henschel 25982/1941

Saxon VIK 0-10-0T
LGB model numbers 2x48x
Two of these, 99 643 and 99 647 ran on the Waldviertalbahn during and shortly after WW II, before being shipped to Russia.
Saxon VI K - Wikipedia

V51-901 Bo-Bo diesel
LGB model numbers 2x51x
This ran as number VL 21 on the Steiermärkische Landesbahn (StLB) from 1971-1999. It is now back in Germany running on the Rugensche Kleinbahn.
DB Class V 51 and V 52 - Wikipedia

Saxon Meyer IVK 0-4-4-0T
LGB model numbers 2x84x
One of these, 99 1542-2, is running on Ybbstalbahn, on loan from the Pressnitztalbahn.
Zum Gasteinsatz von 99 1542-2 in Österreich


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25 Oct 2009
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Interesting info. Some further diesels could be included. LGB 20320 (or variants of) had variants of metre gauge and 750mm so not too far off the Austrian 760mm to be a likely contender though Inhave seen no evidence in my Austrian NG Bible. However on that will certainly work is 23952 kof(or variants of), these can be seen on sundry lines in Germany at 750mm gauge particularly the Islands up north but also in Austria at 760mm gauge notably D6 on the Hersfeldbahn and a very similar machine at Hirschwang.


Neither idle nor a marvel
13 Jul 2015

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9 May 2018
You could even justify (temporarily) a würtemberg TSSD-Mallet steamer in Austria (Test runs after repair, not the best video...)



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16 Sep 2015
Just caught up with this thread.
"Schmalspurig durch Oesterreich" (Which I think you are referring to Jon) shows or describes every NG loco that ran in Austria - except for the recent loans such as the Meyer at Kienberg Gaming on the Ybbstalbahn.

Even an excuse to double head with U1

Photos courtesy of www.alpenbahnen.com

005_27.9.20_U1_u._99.568_Kienberg_Gaming.jpg 007_27.9.20_U1_u._99.568_Kienberg_Gaming.jpg 041_27.9.20_U1_u._99.568_Pfaffenschlag.jpg