I did it all wrong! Can someone help me salvage this mess?

Greg Elmassian

Greg Elmassian

8 Mar 2014
San Diego
There are nutters on the net, but you are not securing anything by using a pseudonym on a backwater forum as opposed to your data that has been compromised by your bank, loan company, the fact you own a car, house, property, and all the places you have entered your email address.

Train forums are not where you are in danger of getting spammed or your identity taken. The best thing to do is keep up to date on the information sharing options with your financial institutions and keep changing passwords and different passwords on different sites.



Hillwalking, chickens and - err - garden railways.
24 Oct 2009
Nr Manchester
I know someone who changed his & his wife's name to Lord and Lady George Davis, causes all sorts of bowing & scraping at airports! All perfectly legal and valid.
Apparently, it only costs around £25. It is often done for charity or acdare then changrd back a few days later.
As you say perfectly legal so long as it is not done for fraudulent purposes.