How To Motorize A Playmobil Point?

James Day

Guano Corner Rly - Runs weekly - Guano permitting
6 May 2012
James, if all you want is an "automated" (passing) loop, could you not just use the natural ability of the Playmo points to reset themselves so that by default locos would always use the left hand side of the loop? Then you wouldn't need to motorize. Same for a return loop. You would then only need to motorize points leading off to a siding or branch line. Just a thought.

Thanks Dave,

Yes I agree, if the trains are approaching the smae loop from opposite directions, or for the reverse type loop, that is the way to go. I have used it before and use it with one of my track powered branches.

The loop that I looking to create for the July layout is a lapping type loop, where one train comes in and another one leaves in same direction. This requires the entrance point to be changed.