East Coast Large Scale Trains Show Cancelled



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FYI - I assume everyone got the word that the East Coast Large Scale Train Show at the Maryland State Fair Grounds site, scheduled for 13 - 14 March 2020, has been cancelled due to the Corona COVID-19 outbreak in the USA. I got the word by email late Thursday from the WV&M Garden Railway Society I belong to here in the Washington DC Metro Area. As a 74 year old "senior" I had already decided early last week to not attend, to play it safe by avoiding large crowds.

Hopefully, they will reschedule the 2020 show to a later date this year instead of cancelling it totally for 2020.
David Palmeter

David Palmeter

7 Dec 2017
Noblesville IN
Although, sadly, all the vendors and club displays were apparently set up completely when they cancelled the show, some enterprising folks wandered in the doors as the tear down was underway. The vendors were more than happy to sell items rather than repack them, so some bargains were had!