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2 Jun 2020
Just thought I would show my appreciation for the free advice given by Barry at Dean Goods. I needed help after my IP Engineering Feanoor stripped it’s (plastic) gear. Dean Goods have a large selection of mainly 16mm bits and pieces at very reasonable prices.
I considered replacing the gears with metal versions, although I have since received a foc plastic replacement from IP Engineering.
I found it very difficult to research suitable metal replacements, due to limited specifications on most web sites and my own lack of knowledge, so was pleased to find Dean Goods.
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27 Oct 2009
North West Norfolk
Yep, Cambrian Models split the business - the 4mm stuff is still sold under the Cambrian name, and the large scale stuff is sold under the Dean Goods name :nod::nod:


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27 Oct 2009
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Portsladepete I can echo you comments about Dean Goods. They helped me out when a certain manufacturer, who shall remain nameless, supplied a less than usable chassis/gearbox assembly - plastic instead of metal gears advertised, bearings 1/8th inch ID - axle 3 mm, 4 wd transfer gears made for 1/8" to go on the 3 mm axles supplied, motor shaft too short for the gear installation, etc', etc'. They even tried to tell me it had all been produced by a reputable contracted supplier - Err no it was a bitza "knock off" they finally admitted due their inability to source from the supplier they had advertised.

Dean goods do a very nice line in 3D printed detail parts too. I got a whole load to detail up a WHR loco and a Darj' wagon. Max