Chose a name for my garden bahn and picked up some rolling stock today.

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12 Apr 2012
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I have been on a rebirth of my garden bahn over the last few weeks. To better understand this, we have to go back to the beginning when I started in G scale way back in the 1980's with Stainz starter set from my aunt and uncle that they got on a trip to Germany to see my uncle's family. They lived near the LGB factory in fact. This grew, slowly as even though I made great money cutting grass as a preteen and into my teens, LGB was in its golden years and very expensive. I was exposed to live steam at the Indy convention in '89 and after a failed start with an engine that would not manage my tight radius curves, I got my first Frank S in the early 1990's. Now that Watts Train Shop is gone, and the reborn Zionsville Train Depot is but shell of what Watts once was when it comes to selection and inventory, I have started to slowly rebuild, going back to my European flavored look. I do plan, when money allows, to add more of the Rugen Island passenger cars, the 0-8-0 locomotive and such to give more of a flavor of the home line where Frank S lives today. I do have 2 USA style live steamers and a couple electric powered ones(converted to onboard battery power) and a mix of LGB/Ariso/USA/Kalamazoo rolling stock for them, but I find myself enjoying the Euro side right now. I traded one of my other live steamers for a nice boxed Frank S and picked up a couple more cars at the shop in Zionsville today. Next on the list are Becks bier cars for my Piko brewery and its new spur to load and ship bier. Frank has RCS 2.4ghz RC added now with working front lanterns as soon as the LED's arrive. My old 2073d holds down the non live steam operation till I get another engine to give it a break. Here are some pics of the layout, my small LGB collection and the Frank S. My journey to getting a Frank S is a story in its own thread that I will post in the live steam area later. Enjoy pics of the new Rugen Bahn!





Need a new Bahnoff to go with my platforms, soon, hopefully later this year

Here are the 2 cars I added to the collection today

Here are all the boxes to all my LGB, only my DRGW set lacks boxes as it was a starter set at one time
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25 Oct 2009
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Doh he has a 2073, tricky to get at a sensible price these days. Need one for my line as the Selktalbahn had a serious lookalike in it’s early days.


22 Feb 2019
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I like the look, but was wondering why your structure wood which is either painted green or is pressure treated, is so different from the wood under the track. Did you use that old wood under the track to achieve a certain look, if so bravo.