Barry Olsen (Barry's Big Trains) Is In The Hospital

tac foley

tac foley

11 Apr 2017
Near Huntingdon, UK
Greg - I sent this to you three days ago.
Imagination Station Kids

Imagination Station Kids

Imagination Station Kids On Track
Barry is in another hospice facility and doesn't remember to many of us at last report but for those of you waiting on trains to be returned, this message was sent to me today by Liz, Barry's daughter.
If you have something at Barry's, please let me know and I will immediately contact her or get permission to give her contact information to you.
Here is the message;
Dad is doing good, has hardly any idea where he is. He thinks he is in texas now. Getting the trains ready to go, tell the folks I will be calling them from the post office for their credit card to pay for shipping. That will be Saturday morning. Liz
Liz ask me to post this photo of Barry and Liz at the hospital. Dropbox - IMG9508481_2.jpg

Imagination Station Kids On Track
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